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Column controlled child rows
Responsive has two built in methods for displaying the controlling element of the child rows; inline (default) option shows the control in the first column, and column which set a control column as the control. The control column is shown only when there is some other column hidden, and is dedicated only to the show/hide control for the rows.
First Name Last Name Job Title DOB Status Actions
Marth Enright Traffic Court Referee 22 Jun 1972 Active
Jackelyn Weible Airline Transport Pilot 3 Oct 1981 Inactive
Aura Hard Business Services Sales Representative 19 Apr 1969 Suspended
Nathalie Pretty Drywall Stripper 13 Dec 1977 Pending
Sharan Leland Aviation Tactical Readiness Officer 30 Dec 1991 Inactive
Maxine Woldt Business Services Sales Representative 17 Oct 1987 Pending
Sylvia Mcgaughy Hemodialysis Technician 11 Nov 1983 Suspended
Lizzee Goodlow Technical Services Librarian 1 Nov 1961 Suspended
Kennedy Haley Senior Marketing Designer 18 Dec 1960 Active
Chantal Nailor Technical Services Librarian 10 Jan 1980 Inactive
Delma Bonds Lead Brand Manager 21 Dec 1968 Pending
Roland Salmos Senior Program Developer 5 Jun 1986 Inactive
Coy Wollard Customer Service Operator 12 Oct 1982 Active
Maxwell Maben Regional Representative 25 Feb 1988 Suspended
Cicely Sigler Senior Research Officer 15 Mar 1960 Pending